Frequently Asked Questions

Can I analyze an unlimited number of images?

No, you can’t. You can generate keywords for 50 images PER MONTH. You can view your quota in “my account” page.

What is pricing for unlimited use?

This tool is completely FREE and there isn't unlimited use option.

I need to analyze more photos, but my quota is full. What can I do?

Invite your friends and get 250 analyzes. Please note that you can get free analyzes for the first 3 invitations in a month.

Do I need to downsize my images before sending to analyze?

No, you don't. When you drop the images to the site, they are downsized automatically before sending them to the cloud server.

Do you store my images?

No, Keywordsready does not store your images. Original image is not even uploaded to the cloud server. A small version of original image is created automatically in your computer before submission. All downsized images are removed from cloud servers after analysis.

Can other users see the images I submit?

No, they can't. The images submitted are not shared by Keywordsready.