Keywordsready's Chrome Extension allows you to use our service easily with one-click and without needing to login the site. Please watch the video or follow the instructions below to install, setup and use the extension.

How to setup the chrome extension?

You just need to do the followings one time to connect the extension with

1. Click here to download Keywordsready Chrome Extension from Google Chrome Web Store.
2. Sign up and create an account in if you didn't create before.
3. Generate and copy your API key that you can find in 'My Account' page.
4. Paste your API key to the extension's setup page that you can find on upper right corner of your browser.

How to use the chrome extension?

Simply right click on a image on any web page and select "Generate Keywords". Your image will be analyzed in a few seconds and your keywords will be copied to the clipboard. Then you can paste the keywords wherever you want to use.